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A word from our Retail Partners:

The Phoenix Effect - CA

"I have been personally using Sleepy Bear for years, and only sell products at my gym that I personally believe in. Our athletes love Sleepy Bear and have noticed they sleep better and recover from workouts faster. They also love the boost of energy and focus they get from Day Bear in their workouts and at the job too!"

Elevated Wellness - MD

"We started Elevated Wellness Solutions, with patients and community in mind. We became the local premier cannabinoids wellness center, and our premium products are one of the reasons for our success. Speaking of premium products and companies behind them, Sleepy Bear/Day Bear and their superior products have changed the game when it comes to quality, pricing and the level of support we have received. At EWS we pride ourselves by educating the patients and community and our partners at Sleepy Bear/Day Bear have been super supportive, provided educational materials as well as samples to help us with educating the general public and in many ways they have sponsored many of our events and classes to raise awareness and be the Loving Bear in the historic Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore."

Eucalyptus Wellness - SC

"The number one issue our customers bring to us daily is lack of sleep! Sleepy Bear’s nighttime gummies have become our “go to” for an answer - and customers return again and again to purchase more. The gummies without melatonin have become a big seller because we have no other sleep gummies without melatonin. Here at Eucalyptus Wellness, our sales team reaches for the Sleepy Bear gummies to give our customers a choice we know they will be happy with  - for a good night’s sleep and for good gummy flavor."

Pharm 2 Shelf - FL

"When looking for a trusted supplier of cannabinoid products, there are certain aspects that make a brand stand out. At the top of the list is Transparency, Efficacy and Education -  and the Bear family goes above and beyond when setting these standards. Their products are display ready in attractive packaging with informative dosing instructions showing their understanding of what the consumers are looking for. The thought behind each product formulation shows that they are in it to help the industry, rather than just making a quick buck. Logistically, they are quick to respond to any communication and turn around shipments ensuring thatshelvesnever go empty. It's no wonder they are an essential to have in your product line up!"

Barrel Organics - CA

"From the toughest sleepless situations, Sleepy Bears always delivers results to our customers. We are happy to carry a carefully crafted product from the smallest details in packaging to the quality of the product itself. They will always be one of our go-to products."

Green Life Remedies- NC

"Working with Sleepy Bear has been great for the few years that we have been working with them!  The ordering process is user-friendly and easy, they communicate the status of your order promptly, and shipping is seamless.  The best part is the product!  They taste amazing (2ndto none), the product is consistent, and the results are delivered.  We saw instant customer satisfaction with Sleepy Bear and are so thankful to have them in our store!  Customers keep coming back for them.  Then Day Bear came along and made it even more sweet to work with this amazing company!  Quality products, quality people, and results delivered.  Thank you Sleepy Bear!"