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Purpose Driven Cannabinoid Formulas

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Premium Cannabinoid Gummies

At Sleepy Bear our philosophy is simple, wellness isn’t one size fit all and your cbd product shouldn’t be either. The formulas we create are designed to specifically address the unique issues that your customers face.  Our products utilize CBD with special minor cannabinoid blends and pharmaceutical absorption technology to create a tailored wellness experience unlike any other product on the market.

Every one of our products has a story. All our formulas were designed for someone we at Sleepy Bear know and love so when you purchase our products you get the quality we would want and expect for our own family. 

From high-end wellness studios on Melrose Ave to top CBD boutiques in NYC, Sleepy Bear is proud to have products available in pharmacies, high-end CBD shops, grocery stores, boutique retailers, gyms, and health care practitioner offices across the country. Sleepy Bear has been recognized nationally for being a top industry contributor for innovation, product safety, and quality standards in some of the industry’s biggest publications. Shop with us and get industry leading products for your location now!

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Fast Acting:

Our gummies work faster and are absorbed better than other edibles formulas thanks to our special nano-emulsion technology. Most users report feeling effects in 30 mins or less, science baby!*

Extra Strength:

In R&D, our blends were shown to promote stronger responses than just CBD alone as well as other products with similar dosage combinations.* Our absorption technology makes sure that more active material is delivered into the blood stream so that you feel stronger results.

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Triple Lab Tested:

All our products are tested at USDA Certified Labs. We our products in multiple iterations to ensure absolute product quality and potency! We test for over 150+ Microbials, Mycotoxins, Pesticides, Metals, and Solvents. These results are batch-specific and attached to every package so you know what you are consuming is free from any contaminants.

Legal US Farmed Hemp:

Legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, our products source high quality hemp from domestic farms with sustainable farming practices. No cheap foreign cannabinoids here! All our products are made using domestic raw materials and packaging. Support local SoCal businesses with each purchase our products are sourced predominantly from small business partners.

Veteran Owned and Operated:

Proudly veteran and family-owned and operated. Sleepy Bear was founded by former army rangers. Sleepy Bear has spent years working on the forefront of veteran issues to promote the positive aspects of cannabis to help heal the veteran community. A portion of profits and products are donated to support Veteran Organizations.

Child Resistant Packaging:

Our bears might be cute but they are meant for adult usage only. Keep products in the right hands, our gummies all come in child resistant pouches and have been tested and certified by third-party agencies to meet federal test requirements provided in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, (CFR 16, Part 1700), and as referenced by A.S.T.M. D3475.

Fast Turnaround / Shipping:

You ever order something than wait forever for it to finally ship? Yeah, not here, all our confirmed orders are shipped same day if paid prior to noon PST. Orders ship standard with flat rate ground and have 2-day shipping upgrades available.

Easy to Travel with / Farm Bill Approved:

Take your wellness with you! Our gummies are completely THC Free and federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Our products are designed for portability so they can easily go wherever adventure calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become A Wholesaler?

Applying to retail our products is easy! Just click the wholesale link below and fill out an application. Someone will review your account within 2 business days. Once approved you will have full access to our ordering platform and wholesale pricing.

What is your MOQ?

We have a $300 MOQ subtotal for wholesale pricing.

Do you offer distribution pricing?

We have a variety of tiered discount pricing, please contact us at for more information.

Looking for Something a little more fun? Let's get groovy with lava llama!

Introducing Lava Llama! Our latest gummy line is designed to satisfy even the toughest cannabis connoisseur. Made from our unique enhanced absorption full spectrum distillate with a natural 6:1 cbd to THC ratio and a full assortment of minor cannabinoids. Our gummies provide a true to flower experience for a more elevated "high" than traditional THC gummies which use processed distillate or THC isolates. With their heavy cannabinoid profile, these gummies provide a balanced experience perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike!

Sourced completely from a hemp full spectrum extraction without the introduction of any dangerous or illegal thc isolates. These gummies remain under the .3% total thc by dry weight limit and are legal for retail in almost all states 50 states under the 2018 farm bill, including California, staying fully compliant to California's AB45 Legislation.

Let's get groovy!

Strain Specific:

Made using some of the most sought after cannabis strains in the world our gummies are a connoisseur's delight. Each gummy is loaded with all the naturally occurring terpenes and minor cannabinoids from each strain to truly capture the essence of each beautiful bud. These gummies are as they say in the street "dank."

Fast Acting Formula:

Ever wait a long time for an edible to kick in, wondering if it is even working at all only to then get super stoned out of nowhere? None of that here, slow edibles have gone the way of the dinosaur. Feel effects fast, like as soon as 20 mins fast! Our gummies work faster and are better absorbed than other edibles thanks to our special enhanced emulsion technology, that’s science baby!*

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