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Lady Bear (CBD/CBG/CBC/Vitamins) - Feminine Support

Intended Usage -  Menstruation and Menopause Gummy

Actives -  Lemon Balm 25mg / CBD 5mg / CBG 5mg / CBC 5mg ( 15 mg total per gummy) / Vitamin B6 10mg / Vitamin B12 10mcg / Vitamin D3 125mcg

Promotes - Feminine Health, Menstruation/Menopausal Relief

Support for - Cramps, Bloating, Mood, Stress, Discomfort, Skin Health

Delivery Method- Nano-Emulsified

Flavor - Pink Lemonade

  • USDA 3rd Party Lab Tested and Approved
  • THC Free / 2018 Farm Bill Compliant
  • Vegan / Gluten Free
  • Fast Acting / Long Lasting
  • Natural Colors / Natural Flavors
  • Made in a GMP/NSF Certified Facility
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Product Description

Periods suck but they don’t have to! Just because you can’t avoid your period doesn’t mean you have to just deal with it! Say goodbye to Aunt Flo, Lady Bear is designed to be the best menstruation support product on the market with a unique combination of premium nano cannabinoids and nutraceuticals. Our formula helps to reduce immediate PMS onset symptoms like cramping, bloating, and discomfort while also supporting an overall healthier monthly cycle. Consume lady bear daily to support optimal feminine health and promote milder menstrual cycles long term. (Consume for a minimum of 2 months for best results)

The Story Behind Lady Bear:

My name is Kyle, CEO here at Sleepy Bear. As many of our customers know I first created Sleepy Bear as an alternative option to deal with chronic pain from a traumatic spinal cord injury I suffered during my military service. Our origin story might lead you to ponder, how did this guy end up making a menstrual support product?

As a society we commonly brush off PMS, we have come to think of it as just something that happens to women monthly, a part of nature that is unavoidable, and something that women just need to deal with it because it is a part of their body. We have normalized and stigmatized the issue so much that many women simply suffer in silence or just accept their PMS regardless of its severity. 

Like a lot of people, month after month I have watched my own Lady Bear suffer from the dreaded aunt flo. Every month I would watch her in pain and think there has to be better options. I had helped myself with sleepy bear, now it was time to help her!

Yes, periods suck but they don't have to! Just because you can't avoid your period doesn't mean you have to just deal with it! If you're experiencing extreme bloating, cramping, irritability, fatigue, or difficulty focusing around your cycle your body is telling you something is off. Menstruation like any natural process is regulated and requires certain nutrients for healthy function and thus can be supported through supplementation.

After months of research and testing products, we decided what was the on market just wasn't cutting it. Products were under-dosed, underwhelming in their formulation and no one was utilizing the benefits of our cannabinoid friends! I knew my lady deserved better and if I wanted her to have it, we were going to have to make it. So that's exactly what we did. Many moons later, Lady Bear was born and now we are sharing it with you too.

I again repeat, suffering during your cycle is not normal! Lady Bear gives you support for immediate PMS onset symptoms like cramping and bloating while supporting an overall healthier monthly cycle. Lady Bear is a multi-stage approach:

Stage 1 : Let's beat the cramps - Our special nano-cannabinoid blend of CBD, CBG, and CBC works to soothe physical discomfort fast with our rapid-release technology designed to work 3x faster and up to 10x stronger than traditional CBD gummies.

Stage 2: Replenish and Nourish- Lady Bear provides a variety of vitamins necessary for proper cycle function that are lost during menstruation and that many women are naturally deficient in like vitamins b12, b6, and d3. This helps with the formation of new red blood cells and proper hormone balance.

Stage 3: When in doubt Lemon Balm it out- Our formula uses a high dose of lemon balm which research suggests can be used to promote calming effects, reduce PMS symptoms, cramping, and promote vaginal health

Don't take our word for it though check our real customer reviews about Lady Bear!

CBD Hemp Extract (Cannabidiol): 5mg

A major cannabinoid extracted from hemp, cannabidiol has been suggested to mentally and physically ease consumers without any intoxicating or psychological effects.*

CBG (Cannabigerol): 5mg

A minor cannabinoid and the primary cannabinoid pre-cursor commonly dubbed "the mother." Reports suggest CBG may reduce inflammation, pain, nausea, and reduce symptoms of gut-related issues. It is known for promoting an uplifted daytime mood with no psychoactive properties.*

CBC (Cannabichromene) : 5mg

A powerful rare minor cannabinoid, CBC is quickly becoming recognized for its promising wellness-promoting effects. CBC reports suggest a strong influence on general immunity with anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and gut health-promoting properties. CBC is seen as a cannabinoid supercharger because it has been shown to increase the positive effects of other cannabinoids through the entourage effect.*

Lemon Balm: 25 mg

Lemon balm is a member of the mint family and is considered one of the oldest calming herbs in the world. It has been used as far back as the Middle Ages to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, improve appetite, and ease pain and discomfort from indigestion like gas and bloating.

Research suggests that daily use of lemon balm could possibly be used to relieve menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome. Research suggests daily use of lemon balm could help alleviate menstrual cramp severity and PMS symptoms. In studies, women experiencing sexual dysfunction who were supplementing with lemon balm reported significant improvements in vaginal health.*

Vitamin B6: 10mg (588% DV)

Research suggests that a B6 supplement may help to reduce irritability and regulate mood swings associated with premenstrual syndrome. Vitamin B6 may play a significant role in preventing the imbalance of hormones in our body including estrogen and progesterone; research suggests a deficiency of vitamin B6 can lead to hormonal disruption and irregular menstrual cycles.

Vitamin B12 10mcg (416% DV)

Vitamin B12 helps the body form red blood cells, produce cellular energy, and synthesize DNA. During and after a menstrual cycle, women's bodies have to create an increased amount of new red blood cells. Insufficient vitamin B12 may inhibit this process and may cause menstrual problems or irregular cycles.*

Vitamin D3: 125mcg (625% DV)

Vitamin D may have a crucial role in female reproduction. Research suggests that high-dose vitamin D supplementation can reduce the prevalence of PMS. It is believed that Vitamin D assists with the reduction of severe symptoms of PMS through its effects on calcium homeostasis, cyclic sex steroid hormone fluctuations, and neurotransmitter function. Research suggests that Vitamin D may also help to relieve PMS by controlling inflammation markers and influencing the body’s antioxidant capacity.

Studies into vitamin D supplementation had noted that participants taking high to moderate vitamin D intake reported having 41% less PMS symptoms in comparison to participants with low vitamin D intake.*

What is Nano Emulsification?

Sleepy Bear products utilize only high-quality cannabinoids that are enhanced with pharmaceutical-grade nanoemulsion technology. This is the process of breaking down the size of the active particle into nano meters and then coating these smaller particles with a surfactant that makes the material able to be mixed with water. This increases both total bio-availability and delivers quicker absorption speeds so you feel effects faster and get more active material compared to other traditional CBD Products.

Faster Acting:

Nanoparticles are much smaller than regular CBD molecules and can travel through membranes that normal CBD molecules are too large to pass through. By traveling through these cellular membranes, they take a shortcut into the bloodstream, reducing the time between consumption and effect onset. Most users feel effects in 30 mins or less.*

Improved Absorption:

Other orally consumed CBD products typically only deliver around 13-19% of their active listed mg into the bloodstream. This means a regular 10mg gummy or tincture serving will only yield 1.3-1.9 mg of CBD circulating in your bloodstream, what a waste!

We break down the particle size to be almost 4000% smaller than regular CBD particles. This allows for absorption rates between 90-100%!

Other Ingredients:

Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Cane Sugar, Purified Water, Organic Pectin, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Carnauba Wax, Natural Colors)

Certificates / Lab Results:

Manufactured in a facility with the following certifications:

FDA / GMP / NSF Certified

Lab Tested at USDA Certified Labs. We test for over 150+ Microbials, Mycotoxins, Pesticides, Metals, and Solvents. These results are batch-specific and attached to every package so you know what you are consuming is free from any contaminants.

Lab Results:

Batch 18001-1 (Potency)

Batch 18001-(Full Panel)

Disclaimers / Warnings:

Disclaimer: Please allow 8 or more hours for product to work through active lifecycle. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how Lady Bear effects you. Do not take if subject to drug testing for THC as product could cause a false positive.

Caution: This product is not intended for anyone under the age of 18. Do not use if nursing or pregnant.  Do not mix with any kind of medication unless authorized by your health care provider.  Children or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid using the product prior to consulting with a health care professional about its safety.

100% Hemp Derived Extracts, Contains <0.3% THC by dry weight basis. 2018 Farm Bill Compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many should I take?

It is recommended to follow our dosing instructions strictly per week for best results, testing saw best results after 2 full months of daily consumption:

Dosage Directions: Week 1 (Menstruation) - Consume 2 gummies daily with food
Week 2-3 (Follicular / Ovulation Phase) - Consume 1 gummy daily with food
Week 4 (Secretion Phase / Luteal Phase) - Consume 2 gummies daily with food

Will Lady Bear make me feel high?

AnswerNot even alittle! Lady Bear is completely THC Free, which means no psychoactive effects or “high” sensations.

What does Lady Bear taste like?

Tasty pink lemonade! Think of your favorite neighborhood lemonade stand but healthy!

Can I take Lady Bear with my medication?

Please consult your primary medical provider prior to consuming Lady Bear with any medication.

Will Lady Bear make me groggy?

If taken as directed Lady Bear should not cause any grogginess or disorienting effects.

Can I take Lady Bear with other supplements?

We recommend taking Lady Bear on its own for female health but encourage healthy stacking of other wellness-promoting products.  Please consult with your doctor or medical professional prior to mixing supplements.

Will Lady Bear show up on a drug test?

Lady Bear is completely THC Free, however cannabinoids can possibly but rarely cause a false positive on lower-level drug tests.  It is recommended to consult testing authority prior to taking Lady Bear.

Is Lady Bear Legal?

Lady Bear is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill and is compliant with California AB45. However certain states might have restrictions around CBD products, so please check local laws. Lady Bear is less than .3% THC by dry weight per legal federal inter shipping limits.

Can I stack Lady Bear with Nighttime Aids?

Lady Bear can be stacked with both of our Sleepy Bear products!

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